“Lying Labour”

Coming from a working class background myself, my family have pretty much always voted Labour (Or Liberals on the odd occasion) However in recent years the tables have turned and the Conservatives have helped us out a lot more so as things stand Labour will not be getting out votes for many years to come.

This isn’t because of their excessive borrowing last time Labour were in power or leading us into an unnecessary war; it is because of their lies. I genuinely do believe the Labour party has changed but have they changed for good? I do believe they wouldn’t lead us into another war because Jeremy Corbyn simply doesn’t have it in him. Which, depending on how you look at it could be good for us or on the other hand it could be disastrous.

The manifestos of each party are expected to be released between the 8th and 10th May. But from what we know so far is that Labour are proposing to increase the minimum wage for over eighteens to ten pounds per hour. This seems like more of a bribe to me than anything. Labour are depending on young voters and are literally promising them money to vote for them. Probably something they will make a U turn on if they are miraculously voted in. They are proposing to give all primary school children free meals. Although I do agree with this I do find it hard to see how they can afford to do this and if they can why not extend this to high school children too? My high school gave some children a bursary of £10/£40 a week depending on their parents income which a lot would buy their dinner with. Free dinners would benefit high school children more in my honest opinion. They are always piping up about NHS cuts and how if they were in power they would fund it. Well Jeremy. How on earth could you afford to increase the minimum wage for everyone over the age of eighteen by £4.40 per hour, give children free food, pump millions/billions into the NHS, re-nationalise the railways costing millions/billions once again and whatever else they’re promising to spend money on.

Don’t get me wrong I would love my wage to go up. I would love to see a doctor in the same week I make an appointment, I would love to live in a country where money isn’t a problem but to spend money we need to make money. Labour have not shown how they can justify this excessive spending and I fear that we will just be voting for a party who will either ruin this country once again by borrowing or they will go against everything they have said so far.

You could argue that they will force huge companies like Costa to pay more tax etc but these companies are smart. It’s obvious they’re making billions in profit but how can we prove this? These companies will have legal ways to make their profits disappear and even if we can prove this and tax them more, they will just move to another country and we will be back to square one. Another way they could propose to scrape some money would be by taxing people earning over £100,000 per year even more than they’re getting taxed now. Fair enough, as working class people we may say “oh yeah that’s fair enough” But is it fair? Most of these people have worked all their lives building a name for themselves, establishing a future for their families and they will be taxed more for their hard work than you just because they earn more money? How would you like being taxed 30% more than me because you work hard and earn more money than me? I’m not saying people earning less than this don’t work hard but it’s not fair at all. I believe everyone should be taxed at the same rate. Even if Labour are voted in there’s no way MP’s would vote for this anyway. An MPs salary averages at about £75,000 (this figure could be more now) meaning they will also have assets which will be pushing their yearly income way over the £100,000 a year mark. Why would Mps vote to get taxed more on their own wages? As we all know. Most/every MP is out for everything they can get for themselves.

I will happily admit I am wrong if Labour can pull the biggest U turn of the century and prove me wrong and pull Billions of pounds out of mid air. But until then. Tories have my vote and Labour are liars.


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