“Gender Inequality”

The phrase “Gender inequality” gets tossed around quite a lot nowadays but how much should we actually read in to this?

Recently I read an article of people protesting because a man working in the banking industry got paid more than a female counterpart doing the exact same job. Obviously I don’t agree with this. What this article failed to mention in it’s click baiting title is that the female missed at least six months of that year on maternity leave so she was paid her basic wage whereas the male was also awarded his bonus for beating his targets that year. If I worked for 6 months of the year and still got a years wage from it I would never even dream about complaining about someone getting paid more for than me for working twice as long. My question for you is, if the male was off work for six months of the year and the female made more money because of her bonus would that be OK? A lot of people seem to think so. So maybe this is where gender inequality comes in? It’s fine for one sex to moan but not the other? The pay difference in this case in fact doesn’t even make a difference. It’s whoever is moaning who makes the difference it seems. But that’s just my point of view.

Now onto my next point. Men and Women are naturally better than each other at different jobs. For example- Most men are stronger than women and would prefer more manual work such as building and engineering whereas because women have tiny levels of testosterone compared to men this causes them to take less risks. This makes them better investors (According to Tesh.com).  Of course I’m not saying women can’t be builders or that there isn’t any men who are better investors than women but these are just two examples of jobs which statistically one gender does better than another.

The more people talk about how Gender Equality isn’t a thing. The more of a divide it drives between each gender as it makes people compete with each other and although competition is healthy, it’s not healthy for a whole generation to do just for arguments sake.

Something I couldn’t not mention is changes in regard to driving. Something I have witnessed myself in the last year is the increase in women drivers which is particularly pleasing as they do get slated for being “bad drivers” which in all fairness a few studies do back up and in my own experience. Every near miss I have had has in fact been with a woman driver. I’m not saying all men are amazing drivers. If anything we’re stupid drivers. I have been reading into surveys and articles and men are more likely to be caught speeding, however as I mentioned before women take less risks. Obviously this doesn’t apply for all men and women but from what I can remember from my own experience it’s been mainly women who have hesitated at busy junctions and pulled out last minute when they had plenty of time earlier on who have nearly/have caused accidents in my area whereas most accidents caused by men in my area are actually from driving too fast. I admit I live in a small area but if my small town backs up stats a nationwide study of over six million people suggests it’s true to me. Anyway, like I said. This is not always the case. Just two days ago I was driving down a bypass which merges into one lane. I drive this road twice a day at least so I know it well. There is a “roadworks signs” at the start of this roughly one mile stretch. Then there is a “lane ends” sign starting from eight hundred yards. This then counts down every two hundred yards until the lanes start to merge at about one hundred yards. As i was driving in the left hand lane. A woman in a silver Nissan Duke sped past me in the right hand lane. I thought she’d see the signs which are so obviously on her left and right in bright reflective yellow. But obviously not. As the countdown continued, cars in the left started to slow down to get in lane. This Nissan carried on going at the same speed she started at. Before I know it, I’m near the junction and she is next to me. With no indication she just turns left. Straight into the side of my car. I slam on my brakes so she doesn’t write off my brand new car and she just goes in front of me and drives off like she didn’t nearly crash into me. In fact. She ended up going the same way as me so there was no need for her to even be in the right hand lane in the first place as the junction after the roundabout turns slightly left of “12 o’clock”. I was honestly shocked by her lack of attention and lack of observation. A quick google search led to me finding that more women fail their driving lest first time than men. A lot being on… Observation.

This may seem like I am being biased towards men as I am a man myself but I can only speak for myself.

One last thing. For my job we all muck in and help each other out. I have been helping a young girl on the bar recently (A job I am particularly new to myself) And Even in this role I have noticed men being more annoyed with her when she is slow or struggles than they are with me. This could be a coincidence and it may seem like I am making something out of nothing. Exactly like the people did in the first example I used. It isn’t fair that two people doing the same job get treated differently just because of their gender and that is where gender inequality does exist. Maybe they think I’m more likely to say something back to them than she is because I am a man? I don’t know to be honest but I know it’s only girls/women they moan about.

I hope you enjoyed reading this and feel free to share and give me your views on the “sensitive topic“.


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